12th International Conference on Business Process Management

This year’s Business Process Management Conference (BPM 2014) will take place in Haifa, September 7-11, 2014. The BPM conference series embraces the diversity and richness of the BPM field and serves as a melting pot for experts from a mix of disciplines including Computer Science, Information Systems Management, Services Science and Technology Management.

  • Process modeling and theory (e.g. reference process models, process simulation and static analysis, business process quality, etc.)
  • Process model management (e.g. process model storage, process model indexing, etc.)
  • Process architectures and platforms (e.g. service-oriented architectures for BPM, workflow management systems, etc.)
  • Management of process execution data (e.g. process performance measurement, process mining, process data analytics and visualization, etc.)
  • Process flexibility and evolution (e.g. adaptive and context-aware processes, case handling, process change management, etc.)
  • Human-centric BPM (e.g. people-intensive processes, user-centric aspects of process management and use)
  • Non-traditional BPM scenarios (e.g. knowledge-intensive processes, data-driven processes, etc.)
  • Management issues & empirical studies (e.g. business process lifecycle management, business strategy and business processes, success factors and measures in BPM, etc.)

Visit the BPM 2014 conference website for more information.

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