Developing an Enterprise Process Model Based on Cascading and Segmentation of Business Processes: A Case Study

This article introduces the study “Process Cascade- and Segmentation-Based Organizational Design: A Case Study” by Kohlbacher M. and Weitlaner D., which was presented at the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management in Singapore in December 2011.

The paper discusses the approach of process cascading and segmentation, a design principle which helps organizations to build its structure around its customer-oriented business processes. Cascading of processes is an approach where the organization’s business process design is based on internal customer-supplier relationships which ensure that every business process of the organization has a clearly defined (internal) customer which places an order and also receives the results. Segmentation of business processes refers to the idea of creating process variants of business processes which face heterogeneous market and/or customer requirements. Both principles – cascading and segmentation of business processes – complement each other. The paper shows how these design principles are applied in practice by using an Austrian manufacturing firm as a case study.

The poster of the presentation can be found here; the paper is available via IEEE Xplore.

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