The Characteristics of Process Orientation. Part 8: People and Skills

In a process-oriented firm, people who execute the processes need to have appropriate skills and knowledge. Furthermore, knowledge of certain process improvement, process redesign and change management techniques have to be present.

  • Do process workers have detailed knowledge of how their process is executed? Process performers must have appropriate knowledge of how to execute the process, otherwise they won’t be able to implement the process design. The organization’s employees must be able to describe their business process’ overall flow. Furthermore the employees have to know how their work affects subsequent work, customers and process performance.
  • Are process workers skilled in decision-making, process improvement and problem solving techniques? Hammer (2007) states that process performers need to have appropriate skills in order to be able to deliver high process performance. The organization’s employees should be skilled in problem solving, process improvement and decision-making techniques.
  • Existence of a process redesign, project management and change management experts cadre. According to Hammer (2007), a process organization must have some people skilled in, and with knowledge of, process redesign. In a process-oriented organization, an expert cadre is available including change management, process redesign and project management experts.
  • Use of process improvement methodologies. Improving the performance of business processes requires knowledge about, and usage of, process improvement methodologies (such as KAIZEN, Six Sigma, etc.)

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