Process Orientation is neither a Question of Firm Size nor of Manufacturing Process Type

This article is a brief summary of the paper “Process Orientation of Manufacturing Companies” by Kohlbacher M., published in Proceedings of the GBDI Tenth International Conference, Las Vegas, October 2008.

In this paper a model for measuring a firm’s degree of process orientation is introduced. The model measures process orientation by means of ten dimensions (e.g. design and documentation of business processes, process owner, process performance measurement, etc.) and is used for measuring the degree of process orientation of 105 randomly selected Austrian manufacturing firms. With the empirical data collected, it is discussed whether there is a relationship between process orientation, firm size and manufacturing process type (i.e. project, jobbing, batch, and line manufacturing process type).

The paper concludes that the application of business process management is neither a question of firm size nor of manufacturing process type. Furthermore, the paper finds interesting correlations, such as the significant correlation between the process owner role and the application of process performance measurement. This correlation states that organizations with a stronger emphasis on the process owner role also make greater use of process performance measurement. There is also a strong correlation between process performance measurement and the application of process-oriented HR-systems, which means that firms making greater use of process performance measurement also place greater emphasis on process oriented HR systems (such as incentive systems which emphasize the process’ needs).

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